Desert Island Games Part 3 – Pokémon Emerald – Puffin Zero

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2020-06-24 19:24:50

Growing up, my family went on a lot of trips abroad. In the summer, we’d take a ferry from Plymouth over to France and then spend several weeks in a caravan park, taking in the sights of rural France, swimming, walking, your average holiday really.

It’s surprising when you’re not doing any of these things how – I hesitate to use the term boring – slow it can be sometimes. You’re sitting in a caravan a lot more than you expect and you have to find a way to make your own entertainment. For my sisters, it was listening to Reel Big Fish over and over, or one of the thirteen trillion summer songs on a loop…. over and over… Other times it would be taking turns reading Harry Potter, which was quite the hassle to get when you’re in France and looking for an english copy of Half Blood Prince. 

For me, I kept myself busy by playing on my Game Boy Advance SP. It was my favourite gadget at the time, something I’d spend hours playing the same games over and over again. (much to my parent’s’ delight I’m sure…) Initially, I played one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! games, which is partially to blame for my…. addiction in later years. Later on I played a lot of Disney Pixar games like Monster’s Inc or The Incredibles, and then my sister and I would spend ages playing through the Spyro games. (which I’ll get to later)

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