dg — it's a Python! No, it's a Haskell!

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2022-08-14 04:00:03

Guido rejecting your awesome syntactic proposals? He's not in charge anymore. (This point has not aged well, has it?)

With Haskell's syntax but none of its type system, dg is the best way to make fans of static typing shut up already.

Syntactic sugar is the most important thing nowadays. And don't let those Java guys tell you otherwise.

A programming language that compiles to CPython bytecode, much like Scala compiles to JVM's. That essentially means that dg is an alternative syntax for Python 3. It allows you to use all of the existing libraries, too.

A $100% original feature that will redefine how you approach heavily concurrent code. No comparable alternative in any other language. Honest.

(No "pipes" though. You'll have to make do with boring blocking queues. Sorry!)

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