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2022-05-13 11:30:03

Welcome to the unified documentation of the PyOxidizer Project, a collection of libraries and tools attempting to improve ergonomics around packaging and distributing [Python] applications.

The official home of the project is Official documentation lives on Read the Docs (unreleased/latest commit, last release).

The PyOxidizer Project is comprised of discrete pieces of software developed in the same repository. Major pieces of user-facing software have their own documentation, each described in the following sections.

A Python extension module [implemented in Rust] providing a highly performant alternate module and resource importing mechanism. oxidzed_importer can be used to import Python modules and resources from memory, enabling Python applications to be single file executables.

A Rust library crate to control embedded Python interpreters in Rust applications. The pyembed crate enhances the functionality of embedded Python interpreters by implementing additional features such as integration with oxidized_importer , easy configuration of alternate memory allocators, automatic terminfo database resolution, and more.

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