NetSuite and Salesforce Integration with Pandaflow

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2022-09-22 23:00:09

Your tech stack will grow as your business grows, and you must integrate data from a wide range of software products to gain insights. However, integrating data from different systems is hard. You need to get the data from multiple systems, scrub it, and figure out its structure to integrate it with the rest of your systems. Your team will spend more time on this than your growth strategy.

As the systems grow, data becomes siloed, stale, limited, and hard to access—an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like Netsuite becomes the central repository for financial data, and CRM like Salesforce holds the Sales and Marketing data, pipelines, deals, etc. As a result, your team will only have a partial view of the data. Your finance teams will have the backend view, and your sales team will have the frontend view of the data. With that lag, your team will often have difficulty forecasting and planning. You can't afford to wait weeks to get the complete picture of your entire business. 

If you are using  Salesforce to manage your sales pipeline and Netsuite to manage orders and billing, a workflow automation platform like Pandaflow can seamlessly sync all your critical data leading to timely ROI realization.

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