Jaguar I-Pace EV SUV to be tested for world’s first high-powered wireless charging project for taxis in Oslo

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2020-06-25 06:04:40

In Cars, Hybrids, EVs and Alternative Fuel, International News, Jaguar / By Gerard Lye / 25 June 2020 1:07 pm / 0 comments

For most electric vehicle owners, a bit of downtime to recharge the batteries is probably not a big deal in their daily lives. However, it is a different story in the fleet world, as keeping vehicles moving and maximising utilisation are important aspects of the business.

As an example, should taxi companies make the switch to EVs, leaving them to charge for a significant amount of time or having taxi drivers go off route during working hours to find a charging station aren’t exactly very beneficial in terms of usage. However, that could change with a new programme called “ElectriCity” that will be carried out in Oslo, Norway, which involves Momentum Dynamics working together with Jaguar Land Rover and local taxi operator Cabonline (NorgesTaxi AS).

The project will be the first wireless high-powered charging system for electric taxis in the world that aims to speed up the adoption of EVs globally. This is by providing a fully automatic charging infrastructure model that can be implemented almost anywhere.

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