PackagingCon 2021 - a conference for package manager developers and packagers

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2021-09-27 19:30:12

This is a unsorted list of all accepted & confirmed talks. Note that not all accepted talks have been confirmed by the speakers yet! We will publish a schedule shortly!

PackagingCon 2021 will happen on the 9th and 10th of November 2021. Please register on Eventbrite to get your Ticket: Register for PackagingCon

The Julia programming language features a built-in package manager commonly referred to as “Pkg”. It’s actually the third iteration of package manager for the language, code-named Pkg3 while in development. The previous iterations were quite traditional, inspired by Perl’s CPAN and RubyGems. Pkg3 is different. This talk explores how it differs from its predecessors and other package managers and what lessons we’ve learned while developing it and scaling up its usage.

Dependency solving is a hard problem, especially when mixed with additional features such as optional dependencies, multiple versions or availability of pre-releases. We present a rewrite from scratch of a recent algorithm called PubGrub, as a Rust library aiming at great performance and flexibility for reuse. We will dive into its core mechanisms, its high-level usage, as well as our new ideas enabling behavioral extensions such as optional dependencies, entirely in user space without changing the library API.

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