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2023-01-24 17:30:04

An open source project by Felipe Ignacio Noriega and Anne Veinberg. Supported By Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie NL and other sponsors.

Checkout our videos page to see the Codeklavier in action or visit the Activities page for info on past and future performances.

An acoustic-MIDI piano such as a Disklavier, any piano fitted with a silent system or an acoustic intrument in combination with a MOOG piano bar or other MIDI keyscanner. We use a MIDI KeyScanner developed by Andrew McPherson and his team at Queen Mary University of London. If an acoustic-MIDI piano is not available, any 88-key MIDI keyboard will suffice providing this instrument is of suitable sensitivity for the pianist.

You can run the every time you start a new shell (type . - not the dot-space before the command), or put the following lines in your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc or equivalent add the following lines (make sure you have the correct path!):

There are a number of different code output extensions for the CodeKlavier. The loading ini file for these can be found in the CodeKlavier-Extensions repository[]. You will need to download/clone this directory in order to run CodeKlavier.

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