Computer Science Logo Style Volume 1: Symbolic Computing

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Volume 2: Advanced Techniques Volume 3: Beyond Programming Download Berkeley Logo (UCBLogo) Brian's home page      MIT Press web page for Computer Science Logo Style

Below this short table of contents is an expanded table of contents including sections within each chapter. Click on the chapter name to jump down. You can also download the complete text of each chapter in PDF format for elegant printing, or browse the HTML version.

Note: These books are still in copyright, and in print. They are posted here for your personal use, not for resale or redistribution. Thanks!

I don't know why suddenly everyone wants to translate this page to other languages, but here they are. It's just this page, not the whole book.

View this page in Romanian courtesy of azoft. Slovakian translation courtesy of Gasper Halipovich. Vietnamese translation courtesy of Julia Duong from Russian Translation Courtesy of Search-Sos. Preface (frontmatter in PDF) (HTML) Acknowledgements (HTML) 1. Exploration (PDF) (HTML) 2. Procedures (PDF) (HTML) 3. Variables (PDF) (HTML) 4. Predicates (PDF) (HTML) 5. Functions of Functions (PDF) (HTML) 6. Example: Tic-Tac-Toe (PDF) (HTML) 7. Introduction to Recursion (PDF) (HTML) 8. Practical Recursion: the Leap of Faith (PDF) (HTML) 9. How Recursion Works (PDF) (HTML) 10. Turtle Geometry (PDF) (HTML) 11. Recursive Operations (PDF) (HTML) 12. Example: Playfair Cipher (PDF) (HTML) 13. Planning (PDF) (HTML) 14. Example: Pitcher Problem Solver (PDF) (HTML) 15. Debugging (PDF) (HTML) A. Running Berkeley Logo (backmatter in PDF) (HTML) B. GNU General Public License (HTML) Index of Defined Procedures (HTML) General Index (HTML) Preface (frontmatter in PDF) (HTML) The Intellectual Content of Computer Programming Computer Science Apprenticeship About the Second Edition Why Logo? Hardware and Software Requirements Words of Wisdom Acknowledgements (HTML) 1. Exploration (PDF) (HTML) Getting Acquainted with Logo... ... in Two Senses Another Greeting Fooling Around A Slightly Longer Conversation A Sneaky Greeting A Quiz Program Saving Your Work About Chapter 2 No Exercises 2. Procedures (PDF) (HTML) Procedures and Instructions Technical Terms Evaluation Error Messages Commands and Operations Words and Lists How to Describe a Procedure Manipulating Words and Lists Print and Show Order of Evaluation Special Forms of Evaluation Writing Your Own Procedures Editing Your Procedures Syntax and Semantics Parentheses and Plumbing Diagrams Nonsense Plumbing Diagrams 3. Variables (PDF) (HTML) User Procedures With Inputs What Kind of Container? An Abbreviation More Procedures An Aside on Variable Naming Don't Call It X Writing New Operations Scope of Variables The Little Person Metaphor Changing the Value of a Variable Global and Local Variables Indirect Assignment Functional Programming 4. Predicates (PDF) (HTML) True or False Defining Your Own Predicates Conditional Evaluation Choosing Between Alternatives Conditional Evaluation Another Way About Those Brackets Logical Connectives Ifelse as an Operation Expression Lists and Plumbing Diagrams Stopping a Procedure Improving the Quiz Program Reporting Success to a Superprocedure 5. Functions of Functions (PDF) (HTML) The Problem: Initials One Solution: Numeric Iteration Critique of Numeric Iteration What's a Function? Functions of Functions: Map Higher Order Selection: Filter Many to One: Reduce Choosing the Right Tool Anonymous Functions Higher Order Miscellany Repeated Invocation: Cascade A Mini-Project: Mastermind 6. Example: Tic-Tac-Toe (PDF) (HTML)

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