When to split patches for PostgreSQL

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2024-05-14 08:00:04

In my previous article on how to submit patches by email for PostgreSQL, I skipped over whether patches should be split up. Let’s discuss that now.

(See the previous article, as well as general Git documentation, for the technical details of how to split up a patch. Here, I’m only talking about why.)

What I’m talking about here specifically is where instead of attaching one patch to an email to pgsql-hackers, you attach a sequence of patch files like 0001-first.patch, 0002-second.patch, etc. (see previous article for the correct naming).

What follows is my opinion, based on what I like to see during patch reviews, and how I tend to prepare my patch submissions. Maybe it’s all wrong and others hate it and wish I’d stop it. Feedback welcome. But anyway.

The foremost principle is, each patch in a series should make sense on its own, and it should move the source tree from one working state to another working state. (Think of the “C” in ACID.) When I review a patch series, I review each patch separately, and I also run each patch (incrementally on top of its predecessors) through the test suites. If that fails, meh.

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