September 26, 2021

New lava lake lets DR Congo volcano 'breathe', experts say

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2021-09-27 16:30:07

September 26, 2021

The reappearance of a lava lake in the crater of the Nyiragongo volcano in eastern DR Congo is a good sign, experts said Sunday, four months after a major eruption killed 32 people.

Nyiragongo's eruption on May 22-23 spewed out lava that buried homes in its wake, stopping just short of the northern outskirts of Goma, a city of some 600,000 people.

Celestin Kasereka Mahinda, the scientific director of the Goma Volcanology Observatory, said the "reappearance of the lava lake in Nyiragongo's crater" dates from September 18.

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