Current Market Valuation

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2024-06-07 18:30:08

Current Market Valuation tracks various economic models highlighting the current state of the US stock market and broader economy. This data is an educational resource to better understand market and business cycles. While these cycles often correlate well with stock performance, the analysis should not be used as a short term trading strategy. If you're looking for investment advice, you can find our perspective here.

Each of our models uses historical data to determine a baseline, and expresses current values in terms of the current data's number of standard deviations above or below that baseline trend. More information on model ratings is available here.

Available only to members, this is our aggregate score of the current valuation of the US stock market. See how the index correlates against future stock market returns.

Summary : The Buffett Indicator is the ratio of the total value of the US stock market versus the most current measure of total GDP. When this value is very high it suggests the stock market is overpriced relative to actual economic productivity.

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