Extreme Classification with Similarity Search

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2021-06-10 05:00:08

This demo aims to label new texts automatically when the number of possible labels is enormous. This scenario is known as extreme classification, a supervised learning variant that deals with multi-class and multi-label problems involving many choices.

Examples for applying extreme classification are labeling a new article with Wikipedia’s topical labels, matching web content with a set of relevant advertisements, classifying product descriptions with catalog labels, and classifying a resume into a collection of pertinent job titles.

In this demo, we classify Wikipedia articles using a standard dataset from an extreme classification benchmarking resource. The data used in this example is Wikipedia-500k which contains around 500,000 labels. Here, we will download the raw data and prepare it for the classification task.

For this example, we will select and use a subset of wikipedia articles. This will save time for processing and consume much less memory than the complete dataset.

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