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2023-01-25 21:00:11

For Macintosh: Open (double-click) the file to mount the disk image (.DMG), then drag the HiView.app icon to the desired installation location (typically the Applications folder). For Windows: Run the installer, which will ask a few simple questions and install the HiView application files in the appropriate location on the system. For Linux: Pre-compiled packages for Debian 7.1+ ("Wheezy") and Ubuntu 13+ that can be installed with a package manager or via sudo dpkg -i package.deb.

First, install the prerequisite packages. RPM-based systems: sudo yum install qwt5-qt4 DEB-based systems: sudo apt-get install libqwt5-qt4 libqt4-network libqt4-script Next, make the AppImage executable and run it. chmod +x HiView*.AppImage ; ./HiView*.AppImage

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