The four key figures behind the success of JavaScript - Douglas Crockford

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2023-05-22 11:30:03

We are already very familiar with Brendan Eich and the invention process of JavaScript, so let's start with Douglas Crockford, the second in command of JavaScript.

Netscape was even more radical: in the future, all applications would be web-based, as long as there was a browser, who cares about the operating system?

The common goal of "shielding the operating system" brought the two together, successfully forming an alliance to challenge Microsoft's dominance.

After the two sides formed an alliance, the first thing they did was to run Java in the form of applets in the Netscape browser. Applets quickly became popular, making Java a star in the programming language world.

Sun: Brother, didn't we agree that Java is the last language everyone needs? How come your Brendan Eich is developing LiveScript? Our unbreakable friendship is starting to crack!

Netscape: No, no, no, the JVM is too heavyweight. Web programming needs a scripting language that allows beginners to quickly get started. How about this, we compromise and rename LiveScript to JavaScript, okay?

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