Event Loop Mechanism in JavaScript

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2024-07-07 05:30:05

The event loop mechanism is the core of how JavaScript handles asynchronous operations. It ensures that the execution order of the code aligns with the expected sequence.

JavaScript is known for being a single-threaded language, meaning it executes one task at a time. This can lead to a significant issue: if a thread is blocked, the entire program becomes unresponsive. To address this, JavaScript introduced the event loop mechanism. This mechanism allows JavaScript to handle asynchronous operations while executing tasks, thus improving program performance and ensuring the code execution order matches the intended sequence.

The "loop" in the event loop mechanism represents its repetitive process, continuing until there are no more tasks to process.

The event loop mechanism is the foundation of asynchronous programming in JavaScript. Concepts like Promises, Generators, and Async/Await are all based on the event loop mechanism.

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