Pigweed Eng Blog #1: Kudzu#

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2023-11-18 17:00:05

Welcome to the Pigweed Eng Blog! This is an informal blog where Pigweed teammates, contributors, and users can share ideas and projects related to Pigweed.

Our first post comes from Erik Gilling, a software engineer on the Pigweed team. Today, Erik is going to tell you about Kudzu, “Pigweed’s whimsical take on a development board”…

Please note that while Kudzu is open source, its hardware isn’t publicly available. Pigweed users may find the Kudzu source code to be a helpful example of a complex Pigweed integration.

The Pigweed team is taking a field trip to the Bay Area Maker Faire because unsurprisingly, that’s the kind of good time we’re up for! While discussing the plans at a team meeting I suggested: “We should make PCB badges that run Pigweed and wear that to the Faire!” I’ve always wanted to make a PCB badge and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a simple PCB that we could do a little bit of hacking on.

The idea resonated with the team… perhaps too well. What started as something simple in my head quickly started creeping features. Hence the name Kudzu: a vine considered invasive in many parts of the world. Pigweed’s a weed. Our RFCs are called “seeds”. We’re all about the plant puns…

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