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2022-06-21 19:30:08

Ever wondered how to deploy your WebRTC infrastructure into the cloud? Frightened away by the complexities of Kubernetes container networking, and the surprising ways in which it may interact with your UDP/RTP media? Tried to read through the endless stream of Stack Overflow questions asking how to scale WebRTC services with Kubernetes, just to get (mostly) insufficient answers? Want to safely connect your users behind a NAT, without relying on expensive third-party TURN services?

Worry no more! STUNner allows you to deploy any WebRTC service into Kubernetes, smoothly integrating it into the cloud-native ecosystem. STUNner exposes a standards-compliant STUN/TURN gateway for clients to access your virtualized WebRTC infrastructure running in Kubernetes, maintaining full browser compatibility and requiring minimal or no modification to your existing WebRTC codebase.

Currently WebRTC lacks a vitualization story: there is no easy way to deploy a WebRTC backend service into Kubernetes to benefit from the resiliency, scalability, and high availability features we have come to expect from modern network services. Worse yet, the entire industry relies on a handful of public STUN servers and hosted TURN services to connect clients behind a NAT/firewall, which may create a useless dependency on externally operated services, introduce a bottleneck, raise security concerns, and come with a non-trivial price tag.

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