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2021-06-09 20:00:05

Playwright Test Runner was created specifically to accommodate the needs of the end-to-end testing. It does everything you would expect from the regular test runner, and more. Playwright test allows to:

We call these arguments fixtures. Fixtures are objects that are created for each test run. Playwright Test comes loaded with those fixtures, and you can add your own fixtures as well. When running tests, Playwright Test looks at each test declaration, analyses the set of fixtures the test needs and prepares those fixtures specifically for the test.

If you are familiar with test runners like Jest, Mocha and Ava, you will find the Playwright Test syntax familiar. These are the basic things you can do with the test:

You can use test.beforeAll and test.afterAll hooks to set up and tear down resources shared between tests. And you can use test.beforeEach and test.afterEach hooks to set up and tear down resources for each test individually.

Playwright Test uses expect library for test assertions. It provides a lot of matchers like toEqual, toContain, toMatch, toMatchSnapshot and many more.

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