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2022-05-13 10:30:08

Adding Playwright Test to an existing React, Vue or Svelte project is easy. Below are the steps to enable Playwright Test for a sample create-react-app with TypeScript template.

This file defines an html file that will be used to render components during testing. It must contain element with id="root", that's where components are mounted. It must also link the script called playwright/index.[tj]s.

You can include stylesheets, apply theme and inject code into the page where component is mounted using this script. It can be either .js or .ts file.

When Playwright Test is used to test web components, tests run in Node.js, while components run in the real browser. This brings together the best of both worlds: components run in the real browser environment, real clicks are triggered, real layout is executed, visual regression is possible. At the same time, test can use all the powers of Node.js as well as all the Playwright Test features. As a result, the same parallel, parametrized tests with the same post-mortem Tracing story are available during component testing.

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