Build, deploy and publish real iOS apps

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2022-05-21 17:30:13

An iOS toolchain for Windows. That's to say, build tools for developers who are accustomed to Windows and don't like to be forced to use Apple software to create, build and deploy their native iOS apps.

Developers. From intermediate to expert, or even beginners that are serious enough to not expect a magical point-and-click thing : a reasonable knowledge of either C/C++ or Objective-C/C++ is expected to start building an iOS app.

Save time. If you are accustomed to development on Windows and know next to nothing about OS/X, the learning curve may be steep. Especially if you're just supposed to use Xcode to build a project generated by a third-party tool that works on Windows, such as the Unity editor or PhoneGap/Cordova, having the possibility to build and deploy directly from Windows without ever rebooting into your Mac will save you a lot of time — and I mean a lot.

Learn. The inner architecture of an iOS app is not very complicated, but Xcode hides it all under the curtain. Having a toolchain that works on a familiar ecosystem and does things more simply than what Xcode does is an ideal learning tool. Watch your app being compiled, linked, signed and packaged in an intelligible way.

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