Hey Look, It's Every Bootstrap Website Ever

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2022-09-29 20:30:42

Take a look around at the same fucking bootstrap page you've seen ten million times before! Featuring all the same things as those pages!

Forget that! Who would ever want to put in all of that effort for a website? Just open up your web browser and type "bootstrap template" into your favorite search engine, like Yahoo! or Bing, and you're on your way! There are hundreds of templates to choose from, but go ahead and pick this same exact template from the first result on google, edit a few lines, and you're on your way! No one will notice!

Here's my phone number and email address, because hey that's part of the template and why would you not include that on your webpage? You'd be a fool not to! I can't wait for all the job offers to come pouring in from all the companies wanting my insane website design skills.

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