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2023-03-17 10:00:03

RAM disk, this is a disk based on RAM memory chips. This kind of disk is not able to retain data after the power is turned off (unless a supporting battery is used), but has an exceptionally high read/write speed (especially for random access) and an unlimited lifespan. It is important in tasks that need a lot of cycles to write over information, even professional SSD drives don’t live long. To the operating system the RAM disk is indistinguishable from an SSD or HDD disk and no special drivers or setup is required. Unlike a disk that is virtually located in the computer’s RAM memory, where the maximum memory capacity is limited to 128-256 GB in the best consumer motherboards, a RAM disk for a PCIe slot, in general, has no volume limits and can work in any MB with a PCIe slot.

This project has started several year ago as part of a DC program (*distributed computing). With time, the internet speed has grown and the major problem of DC speed has been the low speed of HDDs. SSDs partially addressed this issue, but the higher wear of SSDs due to continuous job overwrites drove away new DC network users. Nobody likes to ruin their expensive SSD for a noetic goal. However, resource and fast write/read speeds with consistent lag are very critical for DC computing, where delay or failure in each segment slows down the whole compute network.

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