Jig - a dead simple deployment tool

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2024-05-15 22:30:05

Jig is a dead simple deployment tool to automate routine work with Docker and Traefik to streamline running services on own virtual servers with following goals:

Jig was heavily inspired by Zeit (older version of Vercel) and Exoframe.js with focus on self-hosting and being minimal whenever this is possible.

Thankfully it's mostly a one-time thing and you won't need to deal with it later. With Vercel domains it's as easy as an example below, but it depends on your provider

As a last infra part you'll need to open up ports 80 (http) and 443 (https). Traefik handles https redirection and Let's Encrypt http challenges so you don't need to worry about unsecured connections

This will load traefik, jig, ask you for an email, jwt signing key, launch everything and spit out a command to run on your machine to login

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