Join the de-scrum movement and regain control of your software production

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2021-07-20 11:30:04

In the tech industry, many organizations are questioning whether scrum is working for them after years of unqualified results, unpredictable time to market and internal confusion. We work with software clients to streamline product delivery and build happier more productive organizations - without scrum. Demand for high quality software products across entire industries is at an all time high. Most companies cannot afford ineffective process-bound development cycles or to run a high turnover development organization.

De-scrum Team will help you find pain points and process failures that scrum may be masking, and offer insights and alternatives to scrum to help you build happier, build better, and build faster.

We analyze your current scrum process and validate it against a set of artifacts, release dates and reasonable expectations. We also provide feedback on critical aspects of your product development lifecycle.

We report the results of our analysis in a qualified and quantified way, objectively, compared to reasonable industry expectations of delivery according to the size experience of your organization.

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