New Fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Min Min

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2020-06-22 16:57:08

Nintendo announced this morning in a stay-at-home direct that Min Min would be joining the extensive cast of characters in the hit game Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The direct featured a cinematic trailer, gameplay, and stage reveal, among other things. Min Min will release on June 29th as the first fighter in the second Fighter Pass, or individually for $5.99.

Nintendo announced in their March, 26th mini-direct that the first fighter in the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 would be a character from the 2017 game, ARMS. The game features a cast of 15 characters, 10 from the base game and 5 from a DLC. Many people speculated that they would bring Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Twintelle, or Min Min to Smash Ultimate, but ultimately (see what I did there) they ended up choosing Min Min. Sakurai explained in the Direct that the reason they chose Min Min was that the ARMS producer, Mr. Yabuki said, “I want Min Min” and the rest is history.

This interesting, Sakurai’s living room Direct began with a cinematic trailer that had the base cast of ARMS fighting over the notorious sealed Smash Bros invitation, all the while, Captain Falcon and Kirby are in a ramen shop chowing down on yummy bowls of ramen.

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