Skiing Deep in the Val d’Anniviers at Grimentz and Zinal

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2020-06-26 07:57:13

At the end of the Val d’Anniviers, skiers would find the ski resort of Grimentz and Zinal. Although they are both separate ski areas and villages with Grimentz being the slightly larger village, these 2 ski areas are linked by the new gondola that connects the ski area in Zinal to the village base in Grimentz so skiers on a day pass can visit both areas. Together, Grimentz and Zinal are about as large as St-Luc and Chandolin with Grimentz itself being the slightly larger one if we rank the size of each ski area separately.

Like to get to St-Luc and Chandolin, there are separate buses departing out of Vissoie to either Grimentz or Zinal. While there are bus services linking Grimentz and Zinal in the summer, the short-cut road link between these 2 villages is closed in winter so all passengers need to change buses at Vissoie. Buses are free for all between Vissoie to all the villages in the Val d’Anniviers and they run on time most of the time, so it is convenient for skiers.

For drivers with their own car, it is probably easier to find parking around Zinal which is quieter and has a more straightforward main road. The road in Grimentz has more turns and it is not as friendly to park. Again the relatively inaccessibility of the ski areas here makes it less crowded but nowhere less charming.

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