Welcome to Luna Protocol

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2024-04-03 11:00:11

We offer a simple language interface onto our contract engine, a robust managed ledger and orchestration over existing systems.

Today, many institutional financial transactions are run on technology which does a few things well, but lacks the robust, scaled approach that is common in consumer or public markets.

Where there are no systems, Excel fills the gaps. A lot of human support (and cost) is needed as volumes increase or new structures are needed. With most vendors, complex changes or migrations are required to support new structures.

Financial Institutions can execute technology change significantly faster using Luna, particularly for new or novel deal ideas.

No more changes across the whole stack: just write a Luna contract with any required integrations into existing systems, and focus on the user experience you want to take to market.

Luna contracts can ingest data from any source, and publish data to any source (e.g. loan management systems, ERP, email, Slack, anything really).

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