Ron Cobb - Filmography

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2023-09-18 04:30:03

In 1975 Dan O'Bannon (the Co-creator of "Dark Star") was in Paris supervising special effects for Alexandro Jodorowsky's very early attempt to produce and direct a motion picture of Frank Herbert's "Dune". Dan hired H.R.Giger and me for designs. This is my submission for an Ornithoptor. Alexandro, I am told, did not care for my designs. He thought they were too American, too "NASA"

Contributed to the exterior (miniature) look of the earthship, Nostromo, while designing many of the spacecraft's interior sets

Steven Spielberg proposed a sequel to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". And offered me the oppotunity to direct. I originated the story, my choice for screenplay writer was John Sayles. Projections of the effects budget proved problematic. (Spielberg was producing.) After a rewrite NIGHT SKIES was shelved. The project became Spielberg's "E.T."

Designer for a U.S. ABC miniseries based on the original BBC radio and television versions. The network cancelled the project. The pilot was too expensive. Best of all, I met and became a good, long time friend of Douglas Adams

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