Getting Started With Selfhosting Part 2

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2023-03-19 13:00:08

In part 1 we saw what hardware we are using for self hosting. In this part we will look at the software stack we will be using. Let’s get started.

Once you have downloaded these, start imager tool. Now choose “Use custom” option and specify the OS image location. Next you have to choose the storage option which will list the memory card that you will be inserting in Raspberry Pi. Once you have set these, select the gear icon to specify initial preferences for the OS. specify below options and check the set hostname box. You can also set the locale. I am assuming you will be using Ethernet connection. But if you want to use WiFi you should set those preferences as well.

Write the image, it will take some time and will give a message when you can eject the memory card. You can now insert it in the memory card slot on your Pi. At this point you are ready to power on your Pi. Once it’s powered on, use app like Wifiman on your phone to determine IP address of your Pi. You can log into the shell of your Pi using ssh

It will prompt you for the password that we set earlier. Your Pi is ready to self host but let’s do some housekeeping before we install any applications.

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