HAIM: "Women In Music Pt. III", the cool Californian

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2020-07-08 15:50:01

"LA on my mind, I can't breathe". Thus began the first of the teaser tracks published by the three sisters of the HAIM group, almost a year ago (!), "Summer Girl". In the end, this piece will take part in an ephemeral EP, a long format interlude just released. Strange thing; this title is also the final of the disc, even if it bears the annotation "Bonus Track". In short, a year ago, they already announced a frank desire to paint the portrait of their place of origin, Los Angeles. Indeed, Women In Music Pt. III, which arrives three years after the more than average Something To Tell You, feels the nose of the City of Angels and all the imagery it induces.

A touch of lightness here (the eponym), well-felt rock ballads, powerful hits ("Gasoline", "I've Been Down", "The Steps") and the wider use of instruments ( drum machine on "Don't Wanna", more electro-pop sounds on "3am" and "All That Ever Mattered", "Now I'm In It", as if The 1975 met Fleetwood Mac, without sounding bad ) and real folk moments (“Hallelujah”, “Leaning On You”)… And even some post-reggae influences (“Another Try”). So yes, there is a lot to drink, even to eat. Perhaps the 16 tracks that drive this album as greedy as generous are not all on an equal footing in terms of quality. However, the effort is produced with finesse and sounds just as good at rest as at the wheel of a car, in the Californian heat.

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