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2023-03-16 17:30:06

Today we are so thrilled to announce that Rspack is officially released! Rspack is a Rust-based JavaScript bundler developed by the ByteDance Web Infra team that has features including high-performance, webpack interoperability, flexible configuration etc. Rspack has solved many problems in our scenarios and improved the developer experience for JavaScript engineers. To help more people get involved in this exciting project, we decided to open source this project. You are welcomed to create a pull request or issue.

There are a lot of giant JavaScript applications inside ByteDance. They have very complex build configurations/scripts which may cost ten minutes to half an hour. We have tried so many ways to improve the build performance, but all existing solutions in the world lead to some other issues while solving some of them. After tons of work, we understand the requirements for a bundler are:

The Rspack project started about 11 months ago. Although it's still in the early stages, it can bring 5~10 times improvement to applications' build scripts. The metrics can be better when we finish all the optimizations.

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