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2024-07-09 19:30:06

After my first adventure with Kubernetes, getting started with k3s on my small 3 node ARM cluster that boots via PXE / NFS, I noticed that there is only one k3s node that has the control-plane,master role. If that node fails you can no longer manager the cluster. Other nodes can fail and then the workloads (pods) will be restarted eventually after 5 minutes, but this node is special. Time to change that and make it a high available cluster. K3s supports high-availability with embedded etcd and with external databases like MySQL and postgres. etcd will thrash your storage (SD cards) so I decided to go with a MySQL cluster using Galera for the database and keepalived for the High Available Cluster IP. This guide will show you how to configure the HA database and HA-IP and I'll also setup longhorn for high-available block storage inside kubernetes. The end result is that I can pull the power from any two of the three nodes without the k3s cluster or workloads going down.

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