A big hole in a big road ate one of my tires

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2021-08-19 00:00:05

A while back, I bought and installed a dash camera on my car. I figured after initially seeing tons of crazy Russian insurance scams thwarted by it, and then a bunch of crazy videos from the rest of the world, it was my turn. Then, over the weekend, it finally paid off by capturing video of something awful that happened to me.

I was partway through a long road trip back home, and was cruising along in this "safety corridor" on I-40 in Arizona. This place is littered with signs saying how they have zero tolerance for speeding and safety violations and all of that stuff. I noticed that it curiously began where US 93 joined up with 40 (from Phoenix), and then ended right where 93 split off to head for Las Vegas.

My assumption is that the Phoenix-Vegas traffic makes things really crappy, hence the added enforcement and whatnot. I figured, okay, I'll set the cruise control exactly at the 75 mph limit and just leave it there until I'm well past this area. At least it's going to be well-maintained, well-lit, and all of that, right? Safety corridor? Surely that means they also maintain it better, since they enforce much more strenuously?

Yeah, well, not so much. While crossing over top of historic route 66, I saw the usual terrible patch jobs they do in their pavement, but never expected the monster hole in the road that ended up eating my tire.

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