Propeller Competition — RCTESTFLIGHT

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2024-04-02 19:30:03

I’ll be measuring the thrust per watt of each propeller, from 2 m/s to whatever speed the boat reaches at full throttle (probably around 3.5 m/s). The propeller with the largest area under the curve wins.

It is likely that the volume of submissions will exceed my capacity for testing, so please only submit a propeller design if you're okay with the possibility of yours not being chosen

The propeller must use the mating feature of the hub provided in the Onshape link above. See design section below for more tips.

There are two main approaches you could take to creating the hub. The first is to simply download or copy the “Hub” part and add your blades onto it.

The second is to use the “Boolean Subtraction Tool” I made. This tool can be aligned with your own hub design and used to subtract out the inner volume. The resulting geometry will be a perfect fit on the propeller mount.

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