Redskins’ Jack Del Rio causes controversy with Trump-related tweet

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2020-06-24 04:39:22

A lot of Washington Redskins fans have been vocal in the past few months that they are happy that the new coaches in Washington have been more active on Twitter than the past regime was. One of those coaches stirred up a bit of controversy on the website on Tuesday, making a political statement that might ruffle some feathers.

In the tweet, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio responded to a statement that said he was a supporter of President Donald Trump by stating that he was “100% for America,” and that anyone who isn’t can ” have some words with him about it. Whether this means that he is a Trump supporter, or a racist, as the original tweet alluded to, is unclear.

I’m sure this will be a very fun story to follow, and nobody will make wild assumptions or fly off the handle at any point in time. Stay tuned.

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