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2024-02-28 18:00:03

You Rickrolled Rick Astley. You gave us Mr. Splashy Pants. And r/Place… (you’re welcome, internet). And now you can become one of our (non-corporate) overlords. Yes, it’s really happening this time, and as we take this next step toward becoming a public company, we’re inviting all eligible redditors to participate in Reddit’s IPO. 

“Eligible” you note skeptically? Yes. Unfortunately, there are a ton of imposed legal restrictions defining when, who, and how we do this. So while our goal is to give all redditors the same access to stock as institutional investors (why should they have all the fun?), our lawyercats can confirm we must follow specific rules explained below.

Capacity is limited, so we’ll be inviting redditors in phases. For those of you who’ve been with us since subreddits were just reddits and adding comments was sure to be Reddit’s downfall, you’ll get the earliest invitations and opportunity to pre-register. 

To recognize those who have contributed significantly to Reddit over the years, pre-registration will take place over two phases. 

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