Redict 7.3.0 is now available Drew DeVault

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2024-04-03 10:30:04

The Redict community is pleased to announce the release of Redict 7.3.0, the first stable version of our copyleft fork of Redis® OSS You can download the release on Codeberg, or download one of our official container images from

We have written comprehensive documentation detailing our compatibility with Redis® OSS 7.2.4, which also provides detailed documentation for various migration scenarios, such as for users of the official Redis® containers on Docker Hub, downstream package maintainers, and so on.

We have tested Redict thoroughly with a variety of migration scenarios, but we may have missed a detail that pertains to your use-case. If you have any issues or questions with respect to the migration process, please join our community spaces to get help.

You may be wondering why Redict would be of interest to you, particularly when compared with Valkey, another Redis® fork that was announced on Thursday.

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