Introducing 'Mark', a Markdown CLI tool for GPT4o

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2024-07-06 08:00:04

In this post, I want to introduce Mark, a simple CLI tool that uses Markdown and its syntax to interact naturally with the GPT4-vision/GPT4o models.

As a writer/manager/engineer/content creator, I need a tool that is effortlessly flexible and makes full use of the latest features of the GPT models. Something that let’s me utilize GPT-4’s image capabilities and also provides flexible yet predictable RAG retrieval mechanism for adding context to my GPT submissions. I can’t spend time scripting together agentic frameworks through a series of isolated use cases that I may never see again.

And I don’t want my LLM interactions to be restricted by proprietary tools or stored by a centralized service. I want to keep track of my GPT threads in my own personal way.

You can add a follow-up message at the end of the # User Response and run the same command again in your terminal, essentially continuing the conversation within the markdown file. This is a very simple format to mimic the basic user experience of the official OpenAI GUI or any other web-based LLM tools right from your text editor.

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