Importance of Rice Husk Ash In Manufacturing Industries

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2020-06-27 17:35:04

Many countries in Asia like India, China, Sri Lanka, etc consume large amount of rice in their diet. Since rice is taken in large quantities, a lot of rice is produced and sold each year in these countries. This rice, after being farmed, goes through a number of processes before it gets ready to be sold in the market. When the rice is being ‘threshed’ to separate the rice husks from the grains of rice, the hulls of the rice which  are obtained, is what people burn and get  Rice Ash or Rice Husk Ash. In the past these rice husks were just burnt by the farmers, since not many knew what to do with them, other than disposing off.

Only recently has rice husk been discovered as a very useful material in factories and other spheres of commercial practices. As using it on soil makes it bad for crops, and mixing it with cow fodder ruins the quality of milk, the new uses are much more favorable and better. Rice husk ash the waste product of burnt rice are now used  as fuel for boilers for multiple purposes.

In the past the manufacturers usually have to buy Artificial, synthetic silica from markets as well as from other countries. Imported Silica fumes and Micro silica are priced quite high because of the demand for them. This silica can be used in multiple purposes of manufacture and therefore, it is irreplaceable for both the market and the manufacturer. Now, Natural silica obtained from Rice Husk Ash Suppliers is being sold as an alternative. Being rich in amorphous silica, industrialists can carry on with their work without compromising on quality.

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