Conway Knott: A student solved 50 year old math problem in less than a week

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2020-06-24 04:16:55

RightNow Times: A PhD student in the United States has solved a 50-year-old math problem in less than a week in her spare time.

A student named Lisa Pacarillo was working on her dissertation at the University of Texas when she solved the problem of convulsions or convulsions. When she was talking to Cameron Gordon, a professor of mathematics at the university, she inadvertently mentioned his calculations to him about the problem.

RightNow Times: “You should be very happy,” Lisa Pacarillo told scientific news website Quanta. They were like crazy. ‘

Conway’s problem was first proposed by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970, but Lisa Pacarillo first came to know about the riddle during a seminar in 2018.

RightNow Times: Lisa Pacarillo’s dissertation was published earlier this year in the Annals of Mathematics, and she has been an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ever since the issue was resolved.

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