Snikket Server - 2022-01-13 security release

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2022-01-14 08:00:03

A security flaw has been found and fixed in a core component of the Snikket server software, Prosody. A fix has been released today, and it is recommended that everyone upgrades as soon as possible to receive the fix.

The flaw would allow an attacker to trigger the Snikket server to consume extreme amounts of resources (CPU and RAM), resulting in a denial of service.

A “Denial of Service” attack (DoS) is any attack that causes an internet service (such as Snikket) to become unavailable to its users, i.e. unable to handle requests. In Snikket’s case, this means users would be temporarily unable to exchange messages, make calls, or share media and files.

This flaw does not expose any data to the attacker. It simply causes Snikket to consume large amounts of memory and stop responding.

Snikket may use large amounts of CPU and RAM while trying to handle traffic that has been specially crafted by an attacker to trigger this flaw. If Snikket is running on a server alongside other services, Snikket’s excessive use of resources may negatively impact those services as well.

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