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2023-11-21 10:00:02
Even if you don't want to use voice commands, and don't press the "Mic" button on the remote, your LG TV will spuriously show a popup from time to time telling you to accept Voice Terms & Conditions (and connect it to the network). It's because it thought it heard "Hi, LG" (even from playing content!). How to disable this spurious popup on you LG WebOS TV when you don't want to accept "smart TV" terms & conditions: 0/ (optional) make sure TV is up-to-date 0.5/ Say "Hi, LG" and watch popup being shown. That's the issue. 1/ disconnect it from the network (if connected) 2/ accept the terms and conditions for Smart Features, Voice, etc. 3/ Go into the Settings -> General -> Voice assistant settings, and disable the Voice assistant 4/ Go back into Settings -> Support, and revoke the terms and conditions you accepted. TV will reboot 5/ Say "Hi, LG". Popup is no longer shown 6/ (optional) reconnect your TV to the network #LG #WebOS #HiLG #privacy #VoiceActivation #VoiceAssistant #enshittification #InternetOfShit
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