You Are All On The Hobbyists Maintainers' Turf Now

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2024-04-02 21:00:13

For quite some time, I have felt some unease at the public discourse around OpenSource. In the past few years, we have seen a growing discourse around the sustainability and security of the large body of OpenSource software. The Software Supply Chain discourse, moves from some startup to leave the OpenSource movement with their code, movement from entities like the Sovereign Tech Fund to support the maintenance of critical infrastructure, etc, etc.

But throughout this discourse, I have had a feeling of unease. It felt like my own experience as a maintainer and as a developer using opensource dependencies was quite different from what everyone was talking about. And not only me, but also all the network of maintainers and developers I regularly interact with.

The solutions offered seemed never to meet the problems we had. They were all profoundly impractical, if not totally useless. So I was wondering. Am I out of touch, or are the movement’s elders wrong?

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