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2020-06-25 19:31:44

Surfing the internet has become a passion for everyone but most of the search engines keep the log of our search behaviour and track us. They can share our searching data with the government. Recently Forbes warned us that some company sell our data to China.

They make a huge database using our data and make a category of consumers. We have noticed that if we search for “Adidas football” on Google, then after some time we got Adidas football’s ads on the internet. They use our search behaviour to show us ads. This might be not against Google’s terms and conditions but against our privacy.

Some privacy search engines (such as Duckduckgo) claim that they did not store any log, but we don’t know what is running on their back end.

In this detailed tutorial, we create our own search engine and surf the internet in a very private way in our Kali Linux or any Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu Parrot and other.

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