Predicting wine quality using chemical properties

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2023-03-14 21:30:06

As a food and drink enthusiast I've always wondered if we can use statistics to predict flavor profile or quality/taste in food. I know there is a whole research field when it comes to food science that explores these kind of questions, but I wanted to see if I could try it on my own.

Particularly, when I talk to people about drinks is usually about beer or whisky, but when the conversation goes toward wine I often feel lost, I don't think I have the sophisticated palate that other people have. So when I realized that there is a data set of wine quality, first published on a paper that includes different chemical properties and a quality score provided by wine experts. I decided to check it out and to see if I could use statistics (machine learning) to explore and try to answer questions I've wondered for a while, like: Can we predict the quality/taste of a wine knowing its chemical properties?

We assign labels for type of wine on each data frame and then concatenate them to have all the information in one single data frame:

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