offpunk: An offline first command-line browser for the smolnet

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2023-03-14 22:30:22

The goal of Offpunk is to be able to synchronise your content once (a day, a week, a month) and then browse/organise it while staying disconnected.

Offpunk is a single python file. Installation is optional, you can simply download and run "./" or "python3" in a terminal.

You use the go command to visit a URL, e.g. go (gemini:// is assumed if no protocol is specified. Supported protocols are gemini, gopher, finger, http, https, mailto, spartan and file).

Links in pages are assigned numerical indices. Just type an index to follow that link. If page is too long to fit on your screen, the content is displayed in the less pager (by default). Type q to quit and go back to Offpunk prompt. Type view or v to display it again. (view full or v full allows to see the full html page instead of the article view. v feed try to display the linked RSS feed and v feeds displays a list of available feeds. This only applies to html pages)

Use add to add a capsule to your bookmarks and bookmarks or bm to show your bookmarks (you can create multiple bookmarks lists, edit and remove them. See the list manual with help list).

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