Bob Carpenter says LLMs are intelligent.

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2023-05-24 16:30:09

I [Bob] think that human language is what is known as “AI complete”. To be good at language, you have to be intelligent, because language is about the world and context. You can’t do what ChatGPT does ignorant of the world or be unable to plan. . . .

Humans also generally produce output one word at a time in spoken language. In writing we can plan and go back and revise. We can do a little planning on the fly, but not nearly as much. To me, this was the biggest open problem in computational linguistics—it’s what my job talk was about in 1989 and now it’s basically a solved problem from the engineering if not scientific perspective.

I [Bob] am not saying there’s no limitations to using the LLM architecture—it doesn’t have any long- or really medium-term memory. I’m just saying it can’t do what it does now without some kind of “intelligence”. If you try to define intelligence more tightly, you either rule out humans or you somehow say that only human meat can be intelligent.

My [Bob’s] position is hardly novel. It’s the take of everyone I know who understands the tech (of course, that’s a no-true-Scotsman argument), including this paper from Microsoft Research. I do think if you have studied cognitive science, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind, studied language modeling, studied psycholinguistics, have some inkling of natural language compositional semantics and lexical semantics, and you understand crowdsourcing with human feedback, then you’re much more likely to come to the same conclusion as me. If you’re just shooting from the hip without having thought deeply about meaning and how to frame it or how humans process language a subword component at a time, then of course the behavior seems “impossible”. Everyone seems to have confused it with cutting-and-pasting search results, which is not at all what it’s doing.

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