On the border between credulity and postmodernism: The case of the UFO’s-as-space-aliens media insiders

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2024-02-27 17:00:10

But the footage seems pretty convincing, a way for other people to see what…sources have been telling me for years. [Everyone needs to stop complaining that there are no photos!]

It is interesting of course how the media is not so keen to report on this. They don’t have to talk about the aliens, they could just run a story “The Mexican government has gone insane.” But they won’t do that, and so you should update your mental model of the media a bit in the “they are actually pretty conservative, in the literal sense of that term, and quite readily can act like a deer frozen in the headlights, though at some point they may lurch forward with something ill-conceived.”

Many of you readers are from Christian societies, or you are Christian. But please do not focus on the bodies! I know you are from your early upbringing “trained” to do so, even if you are a non-believer. Wait until that evidence is truly verified (and I suspect it will not be). Focus on the video footage.

In any case, the Mexican revelations [sic] mean this issue is not going away, and perhaps this will force the hand of the USG to say more than they otherwise would have.

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