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2024-06-06 01:30:05

I have been using LiveView daily for about 2 years now. It’s honestly pretty much amazing for my needs. But, sometimes I have a complex need that already has a React library for it. Luckily, integrations between LiveView and React are pretty easy to setup.

Clove customers use our backend UI (powered by LiveView) to do things like drag-and-drop elements onto a “canvas” (used in the creative sense), write content with a WYSIWYG editor, and bulk import data from CSVs. Of course, there’s the boring things like list views, update forms, and other CRUD-like activities.

Here’s an example of our “Success Space” feature to show a use case for when I have used React. The entire editor is powered by the amazing React Grid Layout. (This is not an sly ad for Clove, I just happened to have this video showing off the feature.)

I’ve used React for this feature and the others mentioned above. I personally don’t use React with client-side routes. I leave that in LiveView and just use React for components.

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