Microsoft Edge browsing activity for personalized advertising and experiences

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2023-01-25 15:30:04

With your permission, we'll collect and use your browsing activity from within Microsoft Edge to personalize advertising, recommendations, and experiences for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Bing, Microsoft News, and other Microsoft services. This means we'll use your browsing activity to make your web experience, including ads, search results, shopping recommendations, and news articles you see, more relevant and useful to you.

For example, when we personalize Microsoft Edge Shopping, if we infer from your browsing activity that you prefer shopping at a particular store, the coupons or advertising you see might be customized to display that store’s products. Similarly, when we personalize your news, if you frequently look at travel blogs and read travel articles, then your Microsoft news feed might display more relevant news content about traveling.

Browsing history is information about the websites you visit using Microsoft Edge, including the list of sites you visited and associated data such as the URL, site name, and time you visited the site.

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